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eleven_scan — email virus scan




**Configuration Change. ** This feature is available starting from Momentum 3.1.

Use of this function requires that the eleven module be loaded. The eleven module implements the spam filter and e-mail categorization service available from .

Use eleven_scan in a data phase Sieve script and then read the context variable eleven-result. The possible values are:

  • non-virus

  • unknown

  • medium

  • high

  • virus

Other message context variables are:

  • eleven-majorscore – the numeric classification of the scan

  • eleven-minorscore – the numeric minor classification

  • eleven-result-subtype – the string representation corresponding to the eleven-minorscore number

For a description of the possible values for these variables see “Runtime Usage”.

Sieve scripts using eleven_scan should be used in the data phase.


if vctx :contains "eleven-majorscore" "error" {
 ec_action 451 "AV system offline" "virus:check error";

if vctx :is :comparator "i;ascii-casemap"  "eleven-result" ["spam", "dangerous"]
 ec_action 550 "Virus detected" "virus:Viruses rejected";

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