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ec_test — generic test


ec_test { comparison } { value } { other-value }


Instead of building comparators into every extension function, Momentum provides a generic test facility called ec_test through which all comparators can be used. See “Comparisons” for a discussion of Sieve comparators.

A short example of variable assignment, interpolation and testing is testing for an SPF -all record. In order to search for an SPF record that explicitly states that a domain sends no email, we look for a TXT record for the domain part of the envelope sender and attempt to match it against something that looks like: "v=spf1 -all".

$txt = ec_dns_lookup "%{spvf1:d}" "txt";
if ec_test :regex "${txt}" "v=spf1\\s+-all" {
  ec_action 550 "SPF says %{spvf1:d} sends no email.";

For a description of the types of comparisons you can perform using ec_test see “Comparisons”.

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