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ec_forward — forward a message


ec_forward { sender_address } { recipient_address } { text } [ subject ] [ counter ]


This action will create a new message with the supplied sender_address and recipient_address on the envelope, and will use the supplied text for the body of the new message.

If the optional subject is provided, the new message will use that for the Subject: header, otherwise Momentum will take the subject of the original message and prefix it with the text "Fwd:".

The message to be forwarded will be attached as an rfc2822/message attachment, complete with all header information.

If multiple recipient addresses are supplied as a stringlist instead of a single string, each recipient will receive a message created in the above manner. This has the same effects as calling ec_forward multiple times with a single recipient address.

The optional counter parameter to ec_forward is used to count the number of hits for this particular action; if omitted, the script filename and line number will be assumed. You can see the hit count via the web console or via ec_console using the sieve stats command.

Sieve scripts using ec_forward can be used in any phase after and including data_phase1.

ec_forward "" "" text:
This is a multi-line forwarded message, and
this is the second line.
  "I thought you might like this"

$rcptto = ["", "", ""];

ec_forward "" $rcptto text:
forwarded message
second line

ec_forward "" ["", ""] "forwarded via sieve";

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