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ec_config — get Momentum configuration from Sieve


ec_config { "get" | "eval" } [ <anonymous scope name> | <scope name> <instance name> ...] { optname }


This action implements a subset of the console config command. Only the get and eval actions are currently supported, but otherwise behavior is identical. Simple option values are returned as strings, options that would be specified in parentheses in the config file (such as lists or ACLs) are returned as stringlists, and dictionary options are returned as hashes.

$opt = ec_config "get" "Debug_Flags" "DEBUG";
# first, see if the option was set
if type :is $opt "stringlist" {
  # now check the option value
  $dummy = join "," $opt;
  if ec_test $dummy "SMTP" {
    ec_log "SMTP debugging is turned on";
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