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brightmail_is_default, brightmail_rules, brightmail_verdict, brightmail_scanner, brightmail_tracker — brightmail functions for Sieve








These Sieve tests and actions are provided by the “brightmail – Brightmail Module”; you must load and correctly configured this module before using these functions. Be sure to set the brightmail module option, sieve_mode to on. These functions can be invoked at the data, spool or each_rcpt phases. They will not work at the connect, ehlo, mailfrom or rcptto phases.


The names of these functions are determined by the value of the sieve_prefix configuration setting. For example, if the brightmail module is loaded with sieve_prefix set to bm, you would, for example, invoke the verdict function using the name bm_verdict. The default value of the sieve_prefix option is brightmail.

The brightmail_scanner command is used to force a brightmail scan of a message; it should be called first before any of the other brightmail actions. Use this function to get a verdict from brightmail.

if brightmail_verdict :is " " "spam" {
  ec_header_prefix "Subject" "[brightmail] ";

brightmail_verdict returns the text destination from the verdict that applies to the current recipient of the current message. Typical return values would be either inbox or spam.

You may also use brightmail_verdict as a test:

if brightmail_verdict :is " " "spam" {
  ec_header_prefix "Subject" "[brightmail] ";

brightmail_is_default is a test that will yield a positive result if the verdict for the current recipient on the current message is the "default" destination.

The Brightmail protocol signals when the default disposition was found. So rather than matching an explicit default name of "default", you can use the brightmail_is_default Sieve action to see if there is a match. This makes your Sieve script independent of what the default verdict is named. if not brightmail_is_default effectively means that there is something suspicious about the message.

if not brightmail_is_default {
  ec_tarpit 10 "non default brightmail result";

brightmail_rules returns a stringlist of the rules noted in the verdict applying to the current recipient on the current message. Rules in the brightmail protocol are specified by number.

if brightmail_rules :is " " "111" {
  ec_log "Brightmail rule #111 hit!";

brightmail_tracker returns a string suitable for use as the X-Brightmail-Tracker header.

$tracker = brightmail_tracker;
vctx_mess_set "bm_tracker" $tracker;
$ruleslist = brightmail_rules;
$rules = join " " $ruleslist;
vctx_mess_set "bm_rules" $rules;
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