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SMTP CodeEnhanced CodeMessageComment
5505.7.1550 [internal] [oob]bounce_logger module
5505.6.0Body line too long (see RFC2822 section 3.5)See message.
5035.5.1DATA without MAIL FROMSee message.
5035.5.1DATA without RCPT TOSee message.
5505.6.0Header line too long (see RFC2822 section 3.5)See message.
5505.6.0Header not terminated by CR LF (see RFC2822 section 2.2)See message.
5505.6.0Invalid header found (see RFC2822 section 3.6)See message.
5505.6.0Lone CR or LF in body (see RFC2822 section 2.3)See message.
5505.6.0Lone CR or LF in headers (see RFC2822 section 2.2)See message.
5015.5.1MAIL FROM already establishedSee message.
5015.5.2MAIL FROM syntax errorSee message.
5015.5.2MAIL FROM syntax errorTriggered by an invalid address
5505.6.0Missing CR LF . CR LFSee message.
5505.6.0Missing required RFC2822 Date field (see RFC2822 section 3.6)See message.
554 No Valid DomainSee message.
5015.5.2RCPT TO syntax errorSee message.
5015.5.2RCPT TO syntax errorTriggered by an invalid address
503 RCPT TO without MAIL FROMSee message.
5505.5.1RFC2821 HELO/EHLO neededSee message.
5505.6.0Required headers not found (see RFC2822 section 3.6)See message.
 4.3.0Resource limitations, please try laterSee message.
4214.4.5Service unavailableSystem outage
4524.5.3Service unavailable, batch limit reachedSee message.
4214.4.5Service unavailable, concurrency limit reachedSystem outage
4524.5.3Service unavailable, recipients per connection limit reachedSee message.
4524.5.3Service unavailable, recipients per message limit reachedSee message.
5015.5.4Syntax error (no parameters allowed)See message.
421 This message is being 421'dService is unavailable
5545.7.0[internal] Blackholed"Blackhole" option is set to "internal"
4504.4.1[internal] Connection Timed OutSee message.
5545.4.5[internal] Delivery not attempted (message expired)See message.
5545.4.4[internal] Domain Lookup FailedSee message.
4514.4.2[internal] MAIL FROM argument hook failedSee message.
4514.4.2[internal] MAIL FROM arguments too longSee message.
5545.7.0[internal] Message manually purgedPurged messages from the system console
 5.7.0[internal] Message manually purgedUsed console command, "fail domain name"
5505.4.4[internal] NULL MX domain does not accept mailSee message.
4514.4.1[internal] No valid hostsSee message.
4514.4.1[internal] No valid hosts (unable to make any connections)See message.
5515.4.6[internal] Private/Loopback AddressSee message.
4514.4.2[internal] RCPT TO argument hook failedSee message.
4514.4.2[internal] RCPT TO arguments too longSee message.
 4.7.5[internal] SSL cert common name does not match hostSee message.
 4.7.5[internal] SSL cert must be signed by a valid CASee message.
 4.7.5[internal] SSL certificate subject does not match hostSee message.
4514.7.6[internal] STARTTLS required but not advertisedSee message.
4514.7.5[internal] TLS negotiation failedSee message.
4514.4.2[internal] XCLIENT argument hook failedSee message.
4514.7.6[internal] XCLIENT required but not advertisedSee message.
4514.7.6[internal] XCLUSTERMETADATA required but not advertisedCluster-related error
4514.7.6[internal] XCLUSTERMETADATA supported version not advertisedCluster-related error
4514.4.2[internal] connection closed by remote hostSee message.
5505.7.1[internal] discarded by policySee message.
5545.4.7[internal] exceeded max retries without deliverySee message.
5545.4.7[internal] exceeded max time without deliverySee message.
451 [internal] memory shortage while determining tls parametersSee message.
5505.3.0[internal] message body missingSee message.
4514.4.2[internal] no BODY responseSee message.
4514.4.2[internal] no DATA responseSee message.
4514.4.2[internal] no HELO/EHLO responseSee message.
4514.4.2[internal] no MAIL FROM responseSee message.
4514.4.2[internal] no METADATA reponseCluster-related error
4544.4.4[internal] no MX or A for domainSee message.
4214.4.0[internal] no MXs for this domain could be reached at this timeSee message.
4514.4.2[internal] no RCPT TO responseSee message.
4514.4.2[internal] no RSET responseSee message.
4514.4.2[internal] no XCLIENT responseSee message.
4514.4.2[internal] no bannerSee message.
4514.7.5[internal] no clustermetadata go-aheadCluster-related error
4514.7.5[internal] no tls go-aheadSee message.
5505.7.1[internal] processed as FBL message, and disposition is blackholeFBL module
 5.7.0[internal] rejected by policySee message.
 4.7.5[internal] remote node SSL certificate not signed by a valid CASee message.
4514.4.2[internal] send BODY failedSee message.
4514.4.2[internal] send DATA failedSee message.
4514.4.2[internal] send HELO/EHLO failedSee message.
4514.4.2[internal] send MAIL FROM failedSee message.
4514.4.2[internal] send RCPT TO failedSee message.
4514.4.2[internal] send RSET failedSee message.
4514.7.5[internal] send STARTTLS failedSee message.
4514.4.2[internal] send XCLIENT failedSee message.
4514.7.5[internal] send XCLUSTERMETADATA failedCluster-related error
4514.4.2[internal] send key failedCluster-related error
4514.4.2[internal] send metadata failedCluster-related error
4514.4.2[internal] send metadatadicts failedCluster-related error
4214.3.4allocated resources exceededSystem outage
5035.5.1bad sequence of commandsSee message.
454 certificate expiredSSL related
454 certificate not yet valid: possible clock skewSSL related
 4.3.5configuration error, please try laterSee message.
 5.5.0error while reading bodySee message.
5015.5.2invalid EHLOSee message.
5015.5.2invalid HELOSee message.
5015.5.4invalid arguments to RSETSee message.
4214.3.0message is too large to process at this timeSee message.
 4.3.5message not yet parsed, can't reparseSee message.
 4.3.5message parse and assemble didn't round-tripSee message.
5525.3.4message size limit exceededSee message.
5515.7.1recipient blackholedSee message.
5505.7.1relaying deniedSee message.
4514.3.0transaction failedSee message.
5015.5.4unexpected argument to DATASee message.
5015.5.4unexpected commandSee message.
5005.5.2unrecognized commandSee message.
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