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The stats_producer module is used internally by the MTA to provide real-time graphing data for both the single-node web console as well as the cluster-wide web console. However, you must also configure the logging modules as described in “Logging and the Web UI”.

This module is configured as follows:

statp "statp1" {
  log_file = "jlog:///var/log/ecelerity/statp.rt"
  interval = 60

The the default value for interval is 60 seconds. You should not need to change this option.

The log_file option defaults to jlog:///var/log/ecelerity/statp.rt. This option should not need to be changed from its default. This module is intended to be run in conjunction with ec_rt_stats2, with the rollup process running centrally on a single web UI node.

**Configuration Change. ** This feature is available starting from Momentum 3.0.13.

Sites with large numbers of bindings and a highly contended disk subsystem will need to enable the watchlist_only option to track bounces for domains on the watchlist only. In version 3.0.13 the default value for this option is false. As of version 3.0.14, the default value for this option is true. This reduces the amount of data generated and disk i/o.

The watchlist is a schema that is created automatically in the ecelerity PostgreSQL database. The rt_stats_watchlist_only option also needs to be enabled in the ec_rotate.conf file. For more information see the section called “The ec_rotate.conf File”.

Apart from these three options, all other options have been removed in version 3.0.

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