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av_fsecure "av_fsecure1" {
  daemon = "/tmp/.fsav-65534"
  timeout = 60
  action = pass
  paranoid = false
  context_variable = "virus"
  skip_context_variable = "skip_virus_check"
  file_base = "/var/tmp"

In version 3.0, the antivirus module does not need to be explicitly included.

**Configuration Change. ** This module is not supported in version 3.1.


The F-Secure antivirus runs as an independent process, and relies on a Unix domain socket for synchronization. The socket name defaults to /tmp/.fsav-#####, where "#####" is the userid that is executing the daemon. See the FSecure documentation at for more details on setting the socket name. This engine runs in the IO pool by default.

For a list of the configuration options that this module shares with other antivirus modules see “antivirus Configuration”.

This module supports the f_secure_avscan Sieve command. For more information see antivirus.

For more information about F-Secure see

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