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msys.policyeditor.send_trap — Send an SNMP trap


msys.policyeditor.send_trap(ctx, vars, params);

ctx: table
vars: table
params: table

**Configuration Change. ** This function is deprecated. Use msys.snmpTrap() to send an SNMP trap. For more information see msys.snmpTrap.


Send an SNMP trap

The ctx parameter is the context containing objects from the callout, vars is a table containing script variables and params is a table containing parameters to be passed to this routine.

Defined parameters for params are:

  • type specifies the data type of the payload. Can be one of "string", "counter", "gauge" or "ip"

  • payload the data to be sent with the trap. For "string" data, this must be a string. For "ip" data, this must be a string rendition of an IPv4 address. For "counter" and "gauge" types, it must be numeric.

  • address the trap server address; an IPv4 address string.

  • port the port number of the trap server

  • community the community for authorization purposes with the trap daemon

  • mib the mib for the trap. If not specified, defaults to the Ecelerity enterprise MIB ("")

  • trapvarmib the Object Identifier (OID) to use for the trap variable. If unspecified, defaults to "".

  • throttle if non-zero, limits sending to one trap every "throttle" seconds.

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