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msys.policyeditor.send_email — Sends a simple email message


msys.policyeditor.send_email(ctx, vars, params);

ctx: table
vars: table
params: table

**Configuration Change. ** This function is deprecated. Use a combination of msg:build() and msg:inject() to send a message. For more information see msg:build and msg:inject.


Sends a simple email message. Builds out a simple, non-MIME, RFC2822 email message based on the supplied sender, recipient, subject and body content. The from and to must be simple RFC2821 email addresses, that is, addresses of the form user@domain with no friendly names or other surrounding punctuation.

The ctx parameter is the context containing objects from the callout, vars is a table containing script variables and params is a table containing parameters to be passed to this routine.

Defined parameters for params are:

  • from the envelope sender and "From" header for the generated email

  • to the envelope recipient and "To" header for the generated email

  • subject the subject line for the generated email

  • body the body of the message

  • throttle if non-zero, limits sending to one message every "throttle" seconds

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