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Last updated March 2020


msys.policyeditor.get_binding_domain_failure_rate — Get the failure rate for a particular domain and binding combination


msys.policyeditor.get_binding_domain_failure_rate(ctx, vars, params);

ctx: table
vars: table
params: table


Gets the failure rate for a particular domain and binding combination. The function only returns a value if it is "statistically valid"that is, since the function returns a percentage, it will only return a non-zero value if the divisor is 100 or more.

The ctx parameter is the context containing objects from the callout, vars is a table containing script variables and params is a table containing parameters to be passed to this routine.

Defined parameters for params are:

  • binding the name of the binding

  • domain the domain name

  • period the period for which statistics are valid

Returns true if the assignment was successful, or false otherwise. A false return value usually indicates that there are no suitable bindings on this node.

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