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eccluster.conf — Momentum Cluster Manager configuration file


Whereas the ecelerity.conf file configures the behavior of a node, eccluster.conf configures the behavior of the Momentum Cluster Manager, eccmgr. This file is found in the /opt/msys/ecelerity/etc/conf/default/ directory.Configuration changes to eccluster.conf cannot be made through the web UI. You must manually change this file if the default values need changing. For instructions on doing this see “Best Practices for Manually Changing Configuration Files”.

Security {
  User = "ecuser"
  Group = "ecuser"

# Centralized logs are deposited here
Logs {
  logfile = "/var/log/eccluster/%Y/%m/%d/%{l}/%{s}/%{n}"
  file_mode = "0640"
  dir_mode = "0755"

Control_Listener {
  AuthDigestMD5Parameters = [
    uri = "ecauth://"
  Enable_Authentication = "true"

  Enable_Authorization = "false"
  AuthorizationParameters = [
    uri = "ecauth://"

  Listen "/tmp/2025" {
    Enable_Authentication = "false"
  Listen "" {

# troubleshoot the eccmgr instance by looking for its logs
# in /var/log/eccluster/
ec_logger "ec_logger"
  rejectlog = "/var/log/eccluster/"
  mainlog = "/var/log/eccluster/"
  heartbeat = "0"
  paniclog = "/var/log/eccluster/"
# acctlog = "/var/log/eccluster/"

include "webui-common.conf"

# Pull in auxillary information prepared by the installer; this must be the
# last thing in the top level eccluster.conf file, as it is intended to overlay
# the webui-common.conf file (for example)
readonly_include "/opt/msys/etc/installer/eccmgr.d/ecdb.conf"

Using the system console from the cluster manager, you can view the contents of the eccluster.conf file. For instance, if your configuration matches “The eccluster.conf file”, the output of config show Logs is as follows:

10:47:34 /tmp/2025> config show Logs
dir_mode = "0755"
logfile = "/var/log/eccluster/%Y/%m/%d/%{l}/%{s}/%{n}"
file_mode = "0640"

Since the eccluster.conf file is specific to the cluster manager, you cannot view the Logs scope from the system console on a cluster node.

Included Files

The webui-common.conf contains the ecauth authentication scheme defined in an auth_ds module. For a discussion of the ecauth scheme see webui-common.conf.

The /opt/msys/etc/installer/eccmgr.d/ecdb.conf file contains the definition of the ecdb datasource file. This definition of ecdb overrides the definition of ecdb found in the webui-common.conf file because it is the last included file.


The Logs scope must be configured in order to aggregate node logs on the cluster manager. This topic is discussed at length in “Log Aggregation”.

If you wish to change options defined within the scope of the Logs stanza you must do this manually—you cannot change them through the web UI. For instructions on manually changing configuration files see “Best Practices for Manually Changing Configuration Files”.


This describes the full pathname of the log file to be written. As eccmgr is capable of writing log files into several distinct locations, a simple interpolation set is provided. All of the POSIX strftime macros are supported (see the POSIX strftime standard) as well as two special interpolations. %{n} will interpolate to the name of the Momentum cluster node that generated the log line in question. %{l} will interpolate to the name of the log as named in the logs section of the cluster configuration in the ecelerity.conf. For more information about the POSIX strftime macros see strftime.

There is no restriction on the value assigned to this option as long as it creates a valid path after all the macros get expanded; it does not have to exist beforehand, eccmgr will create directories as needed, hence the Dir_Mode.


The maximum number of concurrently open log files.


The maximum number of seconds a log file may be left open without writing a new log entry to it.


The octal representation of the file permissions of newly created log files.


The octal representation of the file permissions of newly created log directories.


The name of the cache file storing asynchronous responses to clusterwide Momentum inquiries.

Control Listener

In version 3.0, the Enable_Authentication option has been added with the usual fallback semantics applying. In “The eccluster.conf file”, for example, access to the control listener via TCP requires authentication because the fallback value of "Enable_Authentication" is "true". On the other hand, authentication is disabled for access via a Unix domain socket because Enable_Authentication is set to false in the scope defined by Listen "/tmp/2025". The Enable_Authorization option is used in the same way as the Enable_Authentication option.

The 'uri = "ecauth://"' inside both AuthDigestMD5Parameters and AuthorizationParameters references an authentication scheme named "ecauth" defined in an auth_ds module. A scheme named ecauth is created during installation and uses the webconsole PostgreSQL datastore. For a discussion of the ecauth scheme see webui-common.conf.

ec_logger Stanza

This logger logs events that occur on the cluster manager. Values are specified for the reject log and main log because eccmgr runs inside the ecelerity process and will otherwise try to open the default log files.

Since eccmgr does not transit messages, only the panic log will have entries. For this same reason, the heartbeat option is turned off, otherwise the reject and main logs will be filled with heartbeat markers.


This ec_logger module is for logging the cluster manager only. The ec_logger module defined in ecelerity-cluster.conf and typically given the instance name ec_logger_cluster configures logs aggregated from the cluster nodes.

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