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watchdog_interval — if Momentum is unresponsive for this length of time, it will be restarted


Watchdog_Interval = 60


Momentum starts as the child process of a parent watchdog process. The watchdog attempts to restart Momentum if the MTA has been unresponsive for more than the watchdog_interval number of seconds. The default value for this option is 60. When the watchdog restarts the MTA, it generates a trace file. The watchdog can also detect when the MTA has exited anomalously. In this case it also generates a trace file. Trace files are found in the /var/log/ecelerity/traces directory and bear the process id number with the extension trc, 24536.trc, for example.

**Configuration Change. ** This option is deprecated as of version 3.5. As a replacement add the GIMLI_WATCHDOG_INTERVAL, GIMLI_WATCHDOG_START_INTERVAL and/or GIMLI_WATCHDOG_STOP_INTERVAL variables to the environment file. For more information about this file and these variables see “Environment Variables and Startup Scripts”.


watchdog_interval is valid in the global scope.

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