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tls_allow_renegotiation — whether to enable OpenSSL TLS renegotiation


tls_allow_renegotiation = true


This option determines whether OpenSSL TLS renegotiation is enabled or not. The default value for this option is true.

**Configuration Change. ** This option is available as of version 3.5.4.


SSL/TLS renegotiation has a known, inherent, vulnerability to DoS attacks that openSSL views as the responsibility of the higher level application to mitigate. tls_allow_renegotiation addresses this issue by making it possible to deny renegotiation requests.

If you have C policy scripts that incorporate calls to ec_ssl_renegotiate please note this new behavior. In some circumstances, setting this option to false may shut down valid attempts at renegotiation and needlessly drop connections.

In Centos/RHEL 5, Solaris AMD and SPARC distributions when renegotiation is disabled and a renegotiation is attempted from the peer, the openSSL session doesn't close immediately and waits for the SSL connection to timeout.


tls_allow_renegotiation is valid in the ecstream_listener, esmtp_listener, http_listener, pathway, pathway_group and xmpp_listener scopes and the listen and peer scopes within those listeners.

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