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exclude_vctx_mess, exclude_vctx_conn — Exclude validation context keys from being journaled in the spool metadata.


Exclude_VCTX_Mess = ("regex$" "otherregex") Exclude_VCTX_Conn = ("regex$" "otherregex")


With more advanced policy configurations, the aggregate size of the validation context data retained in memory may become significant, especially if keep_message_dicts_in_memory is enabled.

Both Exclude_VCTX_Mess and Exclude_VCTX_Conn allow you to specify a list of one or more Perl compatible regular expressions. During swap out, the keys to the message and connection dictionaries are compared against the patterns listed by the Exclude_VCTX_Mess and Exclude_VCTX_Conn respectively. If a key matches, then that data value will be deleted from the respective dictionary.

Note that keys that have special significance to the core product (these typically have a # prefix) can not be filtered by this module.

# filters all keys ending in _string from the per-message context
Exclude_VCTX_Mess = ( "_string$" )


Exclude_VCTX_Mess and Exclude_VCTX_Conn are valid in the global, binding, binding_group and domain scopes.

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