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dkim — enable or disable dkim signing


dkim = "enabled" dkim = "disabled"



This directive is only valid if the Momentum dkim_sign module is loaded. See “dkim – DomainKeys Identified Mail Signatures”

This directive instructs Momentum to enable (or disable) signing messages with a DKIM signature globally, on a specific domain, binding or domain within a binding. When the dkim_sign module is loaded signing occurs for all messages by default. This is the same as setting dkim = "enabled" at the global scope.

Note that you would not normally need to change this, since even when signing is enabled globally you also need to have a valid key and selector configured for a domain. For this reason signing is usually "enabled" by defining selectors and keys for the signing domains in the dkim_sign module.


dkim is valid in the binding, domain and global scope.

dkim is also valid in the binding_group scope.

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