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delivery_pool — associate an eventloop with mail delivery


delivery_pool = "pool"


**Configuration Change. ** This option is available as of version 3.6.


In order to use this option you must have a "Supercharger" license. For more see “Configuring for Multiple Event Loops in Momentum 3.6”.

This option is used in a multiple event loop configuration. To perform delivery in the eventloop, assign delivery_pool the name of your eventloop. There is no default value for the delivery_pool option. A configuration example follows:

eventloop "pool" {
  concurrency = 10

delivery_pool = "pool"

esmtp_listener {
  event_loop = "pool"

Set concurrency in the eventloop scope to a number equal to or less than the number of computer cores.


Changing the value of delivery_pool at runtime requires restarting the ecelerity process—issuing the ec_console command config reload will not suffice.

Note that the event_loop option within the listener scope ensures that reception is associated with the event loop pool.


delivery_pool is valid in the global scope.

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