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postfix_logger – Postfix-Compatible Logging

Last updated March 2020

Momentum supports logging in the same style as the Open Source MTA Postfix ( This is mainly of use to sites migrating from a Postfix installation or those that have log-processing software that reads data in Postfix-compliant format.


The postfix_logger module writes to two logfiles: a mainlog where receptions, deliveries, and delviery failures are logged, and a paniclog where errors are logged. These are configured as in the following examples:

postfix_logger "postfix_logger1" {
  mainlog  = "/var/log/postfix/mainlog"
  paniclog = "/var/log/postfix/paniclog"
  log_transient_failures = false


You must manually create the postfix directory and it must be writable by the user, ecuser. You must do this if you manually create the postfix moduleor if you create it through the web UI. You can change the ownership of the directory by issuing the shell command: chown -R ecuser:ecuser /var/log/postfix .

Additionally, you can toggle the logging of transient failures using the log_transient_failures option.

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