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The mail_loop module provides automatic suppression of potential mail loops with two standard mechanisms:

  • Suppression of delivery attempts to any configured IP interfaces on the machine.

  • Suppression of messages with more than a specified number of Received headers.


The most basic configuration for the mail loop module is to suppress with a 554 code response a message with more than 20 received headers. That configuration looks like the following:

mail_loop "mail_loop1"
  max_received_headers = 20

To also suppress delivery to any configured interface on the machine (interface addresses are resolved when Momentum starts), you can use:

use_ip = true

If you need to adjust the maximum number of allowed receive headers, you can do so as follows:

use_ip = false
max_received_headers = 32

The default value for max_received_headers is 20.

mail_loop Runtime Usage

If you prefer to handle delivery suppression using policy scripts, you can disable the failing of messages by setting the return code to 250 as follows:

use_ip = true
max_received_headers = 32
code = 250


Disabling trace headers will reduce the accuracy of the mail loop detection.

In this case, a loop detection will set one of two connection context variables, depending on what sort of loop was detected.


Set to the number of received headers detected, if past the Max_Received_Headers count


Set to 'match', if a self-connect was detected.

The mail_loop module also exposes the ec_interfaces Sieve feature. ec_interfaces is detailed in ec_interfaces.

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