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custom_bounce_logger – Custom Bounce Logging

Last updated March 2020

**Configuration Change. ** This feature is available as beta in Momentum 3.6.5.

The custom_bounce_logger is similar to the bounce_logger module. It supports the same functionality as the bounce_logger and adds the capability to append a "User_String" to the end of each bounce record. This addition can be used to include some message context data in each bounce record.


The writing of custom_bounce_logger format logs is configured in your ecelerity.conf file. To load the custom_bounce_logger module and include the connection context variable "foo" in each log record, you add the following lines to the main body of your ecelerity.conf file:

custom_bounce_logger custom_bounce_logger1 {
    bouncelog = "/var/log/ecelerity/"
    user_string = "%{vctx_conn:foo}"


The user string uses Sieve++-style macros and expands them, while most other custom logging uses custom_logger-style macros which have a different format. For more information on Sieve++, see “Sieve++, Momentum-specific extensions”.

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