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Name — Sign a message using a Domain Key

Synopsis, vctx, options);

msg: userdata, ec_message type
vctx: userdata, validate_context type
options: table


This function requires the dk_sign module. msg is a mail message. vctx is the validation context. This function signs the message msg using a DomainKey signature. options is a table which allows the caller to override the following options with values different from that provided by dk_sign module:

  • base_domain override the default signing domain.

  • selector override the default signing selector.

  • keyfile override the default signing key file (which may be parameterized as defined in “dkim – DomainKeys Identified Mail Signatures”).

  • keybuf Override the default signing key. This hash entry must contain the PEM encoded private key to use for signing the messages.


This function should only be invoked from the core_final_validation hook.

Enable this function with the statement require('');.

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