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msys.core.io_wrapper_open — Open a handle to a resource


msys.core.io_wrapper_open(filename, options, mode);

filename: string
options: numeric
mode: numeric


This function opens a resource and returns a handle to it. For the methods that can be used with this file handle see The Simple I/O Model.

Valid options are the options used with the Linux open(3) function such as: O_RDONLY, O_RDRW, O_BINARY, O_CREAT, O_APPEND, O_WRONLY. Any combination of these flags is valid.

Mode is an octal number indicating the file mode.


Writing to a file is a blocking call; If you are creating text logs or jlog files be sure to execute write calls to files opened using msys.core.io_wrapper_open in a separate thread. An example follows.

local FLAGS = msys.core.O_CREAT | msys.core.O_APPEND | msys.core.O_WRONLY;
local text_log_data = "This,Is,A,Test,Line\n";
-- Write to text log file in async thread
msys.runInPool('LUA_TXT_LOGS', function()
  local text_log = msys.core.io_wrapper_open(mod["text_log_file.csv"], FLAGS, 0644);
  if not text_log then
    print("ERROR: could not open text log file");
  text_log:write(text_log_data, #text_log_data);
  text_log = nil;
  end, true);

The code shown in “msys.core.io_wrapper_open” assumes that a separate threadpool has been configured in ecelerity.conf in the following way:

# Thread pool for Lua custom logs
threadpool "LUA_TXT_LOGS" { concurrency = 10 }

For more information about threadpools see threadpool.

Bitwise Operators

To make it easier to work with libraries that use bitmasks as part of their API, bitwise logical operators are enabled as detailed below. The bitwise operators first convert their numeric operands to an integer, apply the operator and then generate a standard Lua number result.

  • a & b – bitwise AND, uses the __and metatable event (if defined)

  • a | b – bitwise OR (__or)

  • a ^^ b – bitwise XOR (__xor)

  • a << 1 – bitwise shift left (__shl)

  • a >> 1 – bitwise shift right (__shr)

  • ~a – bitwise negation (__not)

  • a \ 2 – integer division (__intdiv)

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