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msys.commtouch.diagnose — Scan messages using Commtouch


msys.commtouch.diagnose(msg, accept, vctx);

msg: userdata, ec_message type, optional
accept: userdata, accept_construct type, optional
vctx: userdata, validate_context type, optional


This function provides diagnosis of a message's virus or spam status. You must load and correctly configure the commtouch_ctasd module before using this function. This function can be invoked at the data, spool or each_rcpt phases. It will not work at the connect, ehlo, mailfrom or rcptto phases.


Do not use pcall with this function.

msg is the email to be scored; accept is the accept_construct and vctx is the validation context. If any of the inputs is not provided, it will be inferred from the current context. Use this function to scan mail. A table is returned with the following key/value pairs:

  • class the spam classification of this message. Possible values are: Unknown, Suspected, Bulk and Spam.

  • virus-threat the virus classification of this message. Possible values are: non-virus, medium, high and virus.

  • ref-id a reference ID returned by the commtouch engine.

The above name value pairs are also set within the validation context with each key being prefixed with commtouch-.

Enable this function with the statement require('msys.commtouch');.

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