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msg:get_envelope2 — Get envelope values



msg:get_envelope2(flags, localpart_str, domain_str);

number: flags
localpart_str: userdata, ec_string type
domain_str: userdata, ec_string type


Return information from the envelope of the message. The value of flags determines the source of the information. flags may be an OR'ed combination of the following constants:

  • If flags includes msys.core.EC_MSG_ENV_FROM then the envelope sender will be the source of the information.

  • If flags includes msys.core.EC_MSG_ENV_TO, then the envelope recipient will be the source of the information.

  • If msys.core.EC_MSG_ENV_COMPLETE is contained in flags, then the address will be copied into the localpart buffer only, without any protocol decoration (for example, no MAIL FROM:<>CRLF).


It is not valid to pass msys.core.EC_MSG_ENV_FROM | msys.core.EC_MSG_ENV_TO as a parameter to flags.

Bitwise Operators

To make it easier to work with libraries that use bitmasks as part of their API, bitwise logical operators are enabled as detailed below. The bitwise operators first convert their numeric operands to an integer, apply the operator and then generate a standard Lua number result.

  • a & b – bitwise AND, uses the __and metatable event (if defined)

  • a | b – bitwise OR (__or)

  • a ^^ b – bitwise XOR (__xor)

  • a << 1 – bitwise shift left (__shl)

  • a >> 1 – bitwise shift right (__shr)

  • ~a – bitwise negation (__not)

  • a \ 2 – integer division (__intdiv)

You must use the msys.core.string_new function to create the userdata variables used as the second and third parameters. Upon execution of this function, these variables will contain, respectively, the local part and the domain of the specific message as explained above.


local mod = {};

function mod:validate_set_binding(msg)
  local from = msg:mailfrom();
  local localpart_str = msys.core.string_new();
  local domain_str = msys.core.string_new();
  msg:get_envelope2(msys.core.EC_MSG_ENV_FROM, localpart_str, domain_str);
  local domain = tostring(domain_str);
  localpart_str = nil;
  if msys.pcre.match(domain, "") then
  return msys.core.VALIDATE_CONT;

msys.registerModule("validate_set_binding", mod);

Enable this function with the statement require('msys.extended.message');.

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