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The connection stages are identical for all versions of Momentum. Find below a list of the codes for the stages and their meanings.

0while not connected
1while idle
2during MAIL FROM
3after MAIL FROM
4during RCPT TO
5after RCPT TO
6during DATA
7after DATA
8while sending BODY
9reading confirmation
10during EHLO
11after EHLO
12reading BANNER
13during RSET
14after RSET
15during STARTTLS
16after STARTTLS
17handshaking TLS
18renegotiating TLS
19during XCLIENT
20after XCLIENT
21out of band bounce
22in unknown state

Code 21 is the only message disposition notification (MDN). With the exception of 22, which is unknown, all other stages occur during the SMTP transaction. In other words, they are in-band bounces.

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