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mailq — show the status of the mail queues


mailq [ --domain | -d domain_name ... ] [ --binding | -b binding_name ... ] [ --limit | -l number ]


When issued with no arguments this command shows counts for the active queue and the delayed queues sorted by binding groups and bindings. Sample output is shown below:

Group/Binding                                       Domain      AQ      DQ
default/default                              11       0
default/gmail                                25       5
default/#mmove                                0       0

The Group/Binding column shows the group and the binding that a domain belongs to. The default/#move entry under the Group/Binding column is the cluster message movement binding in the default binding. This is a virtual binding for moving messages between nodes. AQ shows the items in the active queue and DQ shows the items in the delayed queue.

Use this command with the --domain domain_name argument to show the statistics for a specific domain. Any number of domains may be specified. The --binding option is used in the same way. Limit the output by using the --limit number option. The default value for --limit is 20.

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