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transform_8bitmime_content — Enable 8BITMIME downconversion when sending mail


transform_8bitmime_content = "no"

transform_8bitmime_content = "ifneeded"

transform_8bitmime_content = "strict"

transform_8bitmime_content = "strip"


When set to ifneeded, if a message to be sent to a remote MTA contains 8-bit data and the remote MTA did not advertise support for 8BITMIME, then Momentum will strip the 8th bit from the data, as per RFC 1652.

When set to no (the 2.2 default), then Momentum will send the data as is.

Set to strict for strict compliance with RFC1652. Do proper Quoted-Printable (QP) encoding of eight bit data, subsequently scanning the re-encoded message for leftover 8 bit characters. If any are found, the message is permanently failed. Setting this option to strip strips the high bit from all characters in the body, guaranteeing that the data is transferred as 7-bit content. This mode of operation is contrary to that permitted by RFC1652, and its use is discouraged.


This option has no effect on whether Momentum informs the remote MTA that 8BITMIME data is going to be sent, it simply downgrades to 7-bits. Use the Send_8BitMime to control 8BITMIME notification.

As of version 3.1.6, the default value for this option is ifneeded. Prior to this, the default value was no.

For RFC 1652 compliance you should set Send_8BitMime to ifavailable and Transform_8BitMime_Content to ifneeded.


Transform_8BitMime_Content is valid in the global, binding_group, binding and domain scopes.

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