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server_max_outbound_connections — sets the maximum number of outbound connections


Server_Max_Outbound_Connections = 20000


Limits the number of total connections that will be established concurrently within Momentum, irrespective of bindings. While 20,000 is the value assigned to this option in the configuration file, it may be reasonable to increase this value to 50,000 or 75,000 depending on the capabilities of the underlying hardware and operating system.

The default value for this option is 75000. (However, the assigned value in the default configuration file is 20000.) If the current value of this option differs from the default, from within the web UI you can assign the default value by locating this option and then choosing the DEFAULT button. The DEFAULT button only appears when an option has a default value and a value (even the default value) has been assigned to this option.

Note that this parameter is intimately related to server_max_file_descriptors since the number of available OS file descriptors will limit the number of messages that can be queued simultaneously. See the description in “Operating System Specific Preparation” for more details.

Within a Binding stanza, this option will regulate the total number of connections through that particular binding.


server_max_outbound_connections is valid in the binding, binding_group and global scopes.

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