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inline_transfail_processing — how to handle transient failure processing


inline_transfail_processing = 1


When true, transient failure processing is handled inline in the scheduler thread, Momentum's traditional behavior. If you have custom loggers or other modules that react to transient failures, and examine messages, you may experience poor performance, excessive memory utilization and potentially a watchdog timeout, if a large batch of messages is transiently failed at the same time.

Setting inline_transfail_processing to false uses an alternate strategy of breaking the transfails into more manageable chunks, affected by transfail_drain_rate and max_resident_transfails. In this alternate approach, the messages are queued up to a transfail queue.


Setting inline_transfail_processing to false drops the remote IP address from the delivery log.

The default value for this option is 1.


inline_transfail_processing is valid in the global scope.

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