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Last updated March 2020


domain_for_unqualified_sender_address — configure a domain which will be used to substitute for unqualified sender addresses


Domain_for_unqualified_sender_address = ""


When set, Domain_for_unqualified_sender_address will rewrite the envelope address internally, although the original "MAIL FROM:" is still available from Sieve during all rcptto and data phases, using vctx mailfrom_string. The trace headers, however, will reflect the original "MAIL FROM" string. NOTE that the "FROM:" header in the e-mail is never rewritten.

Domain_for_unqualified_sender_address is valid in either a global scope (for a single fallback domain for all unqualified addresses) or can be set in a Pathway scope (for specific fallback domains for any number of specific domains). The usual fallback semantics apply.


Domain_for_unqualified_sender_address is valid in a pathway, pathway_group, listener and global scopes.

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