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bounce_suppress_list — configure a list of email addresses that may not be considered original recipients.


bounce_suppress_list = "comma-separated list of email addresses"


When a Message Delivery Notification (MDN) is received, this option will suppress certain addresses from being identified as the purported original sender.

An MDN is an out-of-band notification of delivery failure. Momentum's out-of-band bounce processing capability includes an algorithm which attempts to extract the original recipient from the MDN. You can use the Bounce_Suppress_List option to improve the accuracy of this algorithm by excluding addresses and/or domains that you know could not have been the original recipient.

To disqualify an email address like from being considered a potential original recipient, you would specify:

bounce_domains = ( )
bounce_suppress_list = ""

You can also specify domains that you would like to disqualify, as shown below. Multiple addresses can be specified by using a comma separated list.

bounce_domains = ( )
bounce_suppress_list = ","


bounce_suppress_list is valid in the global scope.

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