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Validation Context Functions

Last updated March 2020

validate_context_add_rcptFunction to append an addr to the list
validate_context_can_modify_rcptsFunction to check if it is still ok to change rcpts list
validate_context_deleteRemove the specified key from either the message context or connection context
validate_context_destroyRelease resources associated with this validation context dictionary
validate_context_existsDetermine if the specified validation context key exists
validate_context_exists_and_getIf a validation context key exists, then retrieve its value
validate_context_find_message_constructFind the specified message construct.
validate_context_getRetrieve the value associated with a message context key or connection context key
validate_context_initAllocate resources for a validation context dictionary
validate_context_iterate_rcptFunction to iterate through recipient list
validate_context_remove_all_rcptsFunction to remove all addr from recipient list
validate_context_remove_rcptFunction to remove addr from recipient list
validate_context_setCreate or set a validation context keypair determined by key
validate_context_set_codeSet the SMTP response code and message for the session

For a discussion of validation context variables see Validation Context Variables.

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