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binding_address_family_matchesValidate that the binding in question matches the address family provided
ec_gethostnamelowercase gethostname() replacement
ec_hex_decodedecodes bytes from ASCII hex characters
ec_hex_encodeencodes bytes into ASCII hex characters
ec_parse_urlparses an RFC 3986 URI
ec_ucs4_from_utf8Decodes a single code point from a utf8 buffer
ec_util_power_2Round input to next highest power of 2 if it is not a power of 2
get_nowPopulates a struct timeval pointer with current data
get_now_tsGet the current time
get_scheduler_pidGet the Process ID (PID) of the master scheduler thread
getopt_long2a thread safe, re-entrant, getopt_long
is_valid_IPDetermines whether or not string is a valid IP address
is_valid_emailDetermines whether emailaddr is a valid email address
isfiniteindicates if a number has a finite value
lookuptable_add2Adds a message to the lookuptable, and calls dns_get_MXs if the domain wasn't in the lookuptable already
mid_to_stringformat a message_id as a human readable string
nearbyintreturn the integral value nearest to x according to the prevailing rounding mode
nearbyintfreturn the integral value nearest to x according to the prevailing rounding mode
protocol_string_ucReturns a protocol string in uppercase
roundreturn the integral value nearest to x rounding half-way cases away from zero, regardless of the current rounding direction
rs_getlistReturns the address of the tail node in the RSplayTree
rs_nextMove to the next node in the RSplayTree and return the data

This chapter lists a number of utility APIs.

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