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time_series_add_dataAdd data to all monitors in a time series
time_series_add_data_atAdd data to all monitors in a time series
time_series_clearRemove a bucket (specified by bucket number) in a monitor and return the removed bucket
time_series_del_dataDelete data from all monitors in a time series
time_series_del_data_atDelete data from all monitors in a time series
time_series_destroyDestroy a time series
time_series_destroy_seriesDestroy a monitor identified by a sequence number
time_series_getReturn specified bucket of a monitor
time_series_get_current_alphaWhen getting the counts from current bucket of a monitor, the raw value does not reflect the truth since the value from current bucket is only partial value
time_series_get_lastRemove the bucket before the current one
time_series_has_dataReturns true if at least one monitor of a time series contains data
time_series_initFunction to allocate and initialize a time series data structure
time_series_init2Similar to time_series_init() and supporting deleting item from a bucket
time_series_init_seriesAdd a monitor to the series
time_series_maintain_arraysRemove the staled data from all monitors of a time series
time_series_series_has_dataReturns true if a given monitor in a time series contains data
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