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This struct is defined as follows:

struct _netlistener_def {
  const char *prefix;
  const char *hashkey;
  EventFunc servercode;
  void *closure;
  unsigned skip:1;
  unsigned _spare:31;
  EventFunc accepthook;

  int opt_enable;
  int opt_file_mode;
  int opt_backlog;
  int opt_concurrency;
  int opt_accept_queue_backlog;
  int opt_events_per_iter;
  int opt_pool_name;
  int opt_recvbuf;
  int opt_sendbuf;
  int opt_disable_nagle;
  int opt_event_loop;

The following typedef applies to this data type:

typedef int (*EventFunc) (struct _Event * event, int eventtype, void *closure, struct timeval * now);

To use this struct, include the file netlistener.h.

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