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**Configuration Change. ** This feature is available as of version 3.5.5.

This struct is defined as follows:

 * gcm reponse structures
 * Encoded from json object returned in http 200 responses.
 * This struct is also used by gcm_response_eval_hook.

/* GCM recipient response - per recipient */
typedef struct _gcm_recipient_response {
 const char *message_id;     /* message id assigned by google */
 const char *registration_id;/* canonical reg id (new id for recipient) */
 const char *error;          /* error reponse */
 enum GCM_ERROR  error_code; /* error code */
} gcm_recipient_response; 

/* GCM message response - per notification */
typedef struct _gcm_message_response {
 int success;        /* Number of successful recipients */
 int failure;        /* Number of recipients that failed */
 int canonical_ids;  /* Number of recipients that have a newer Registration ID */
 /* NOTE - currently not supporting Google Multicast so there
   * is just one results element.  XMPP version of Google GCM
   * does not support Multicast.  If we support multicast then
   * the results need to be an array.
 gcm_recipient_response results; /* response results per recipient */
} gcm_message_response;

To use this struct, include the file modules/mobility/gcm/gcm.h.

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