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This struct is defined as follows:

/* This callback allows message transports to augment the basic
 * TLS verification process.  You are passed the ec_ssl_ctx,
 * your own closure, the subject and issuer of the peer.
 * preverify_ok and x509ctx are passed through from the OpenSSL
 * verify callback */
typedef int (*ec_ssl_verify_callback_func)(ec_ssl_ctx *ctx,
  void *closure,
  int preverify_ok, const char *subject,
  const char *issuer,
  struct ssl_x509_store_ctx_st *x509ctx);

struct _ec_ssl_ctx {
  struct ssl_ctx_st *ssl_ctx;
  struct ssl_st *ssl;
  int error_code;
  char *error_string;
  ec_ssl_verify_callback_func verify_cb;
  void *verify_closure;

To use this struct, include the file ec_ssl.h.

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