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This struct is defined as follows:

struct _ec_spool_ctx {
#ifdef _WIN32
  HANDLE spool_lock;
  int spool_lock;
  char *base;
  size_t base_length;
  int file_mode;

  /* if 0, we'll use the global message_expiration instead */
  int maximum_retention;
  /** if non zero, we'll always rewrite message ids on import */
  unsigned always_rewrite_mids:1;
  /** if non zero, we'll suppress adding trace headers */
  unsigned suppress_trace_headers:1;

  ec_spool_ctx *next;

  ec_hash_table *spool_hash;
  ec_atomic_t spool_hash_lock;
  ec_hash_table *spool_resources;
  pthread_mutex_t resource_lock;
  ec_spool_ctx_insertion_func on_insert;
  void *on_insert_closure;

  int filtered;
  ec_spool_ctx_io_filter_func filters[EC_SPOOL_FILTER_GROWBUF_READ+1];
  void *filter_ctxs[EC_SPOOL_FILTER_GROWBUF_READ+1];

To use this struct, include the file spool.c.

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