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The members of this struct are as follows:

struct _ec_config_value {
  /** refcount */
  ec_atomic_t refcnt;
  /** true if the value was used via legacy APIs and so can't be freed */
  int leaked;
  /** pointer to option this is an instance of */
  ec_config_option_def *opt;
  /** true if the value shadows an earlier definition */
  int shadow;
  /** reference to the syntax tree node we came from */
  ecGeneric_config_node_t *node;
  ec_config_value_storage *v;
  void *data;
union _ec_config_value_storage {
  char *vstr;
  int vint; /* also used by PERM and BOOL */
  u_int64_t vu64;
  double vdouble; /* FLOAT type */
  struct sockaddr *vsa;
  throttle *vthrot;
  ECDict vdict;
  size_t vsize;
  ec_config_regex *vre;
  ec_ptr_array *varr; /* used for is_array options */

To use this struct, include the file configuration.h.

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