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This struct is defined as follows:

typedef struct _dns_cache_cachenode {
  dns_cache_query query;
  ec_atomic_t refcnt;
  u_int8_t answer_type;   /* This should match unless CNAME */
  u_int8_t answer_count;
  u_int8_t resolver_status;
  union _dns_cache_cachenode_answer {
    char **name;
    struct in_addr *ip4;
    struct in6_addr *ip6;
  } answer;
  void *__private;
  u_int64_t expiry;
  int *preference;
  pthread_cond_t cv;
  int *weight;
  int *port;
} dns_cache_cachenode;

To use this struct, include the file dns-cache.h.

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