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This struct is defined as follows:

struct _command_construct
  unsigned short type;
  unsigned short command_len;
  unsigned short mode;
  string command;
  struct ec_auth_info auth_info;
  struct ec_authz_info authz_info;
  unsigned short tus[2];
  char respheader[6];
  string response;
  unsigned int responseoff;
  unsigned writing_header:1;
  unsigned xml:1;
  unsigned _spare:30;

  char *personality;

  int argc;
  const char **argv;
  const char **argv_offsets;

  accept_construct *ac;
  ec_config_header *transaction;

  void *async_ptr;
  ec_control_function2 async_resume_func;

To use this struct, include the file control.h.

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