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This struct is defined as follows:

struct _accept_construct
  Event *death;

#if defined(EC_COMPAT_2_2_SOURCE) || defined(EC_COMPAT_2_1_SOURCE)
#define remote_address
#define remote_address_in remote_addr.sin
#define remote_address_in6 remote_addr.sin6
#define remote_address_un remote_addr.unixaddr
#define remote_address_union remote_addr
  ec_sockaddr remote_addr;
  union _accept_construct_closure {
    void *vptr;
  } accept_construct_closure;
  u_int8_t protocol;
  /** listener_inbound_sessions is only valid while the accept_construct
   * holds a reference to the underlying listener instance */
  cidrnode_ipv4 *listener_inbound_sessions;
  cidrnode_ipv6 *listener_inbound_sessions_ipv6;
  /** a counted reference; use netlistener_instance_addref() and
   * netlistener_instance_delref() when using this field */
  netlistener_instance *inst;
  message_id conn_id;

struct _netlistener_instance {
  struct _netlistener_def *def;

  const char *address;
  ec_listener_address la;

  /* active fd for this one */
  int fd;
  /* if fd==-1, holds the errno value
   * we encountered if we failed to start
   * this particular instance */
  int last_errno;
  /* indicates the context in which the last_errno
   * was encountered.  if it is NLSN_SYS_NEVER_ATTEMPTED,
   * then we've never attempted to start this listener.
  enum _netlistener_instance_failed_syscall {
  } failed_syscall;

  /* if true, was created by looking at the config */
  unsigned from_config:1;
  /* transiently set during post-commit; if nothing re-sets this
   * bit, then the instance will be stopped. (this indicates that
   * the instance is no longer configured) */
  unsigned pending_cull:1;
  unsigned _spare:30;

  sem_t *accept_queue_backlog;
  nb_event_list *head;
  nb_event_list *tail;
  ec_atomic_t nb_event_list_lock;
  ec_atomic_t refcnt;
  cidrnode_ipv4 *inbound_sessions;
  cidrnode_ipv6 *inbound_sessions_ipv6;

  int events_per_iter;
  int enabled;
  int file_mode;
  int a_q_backlog;
  int jobclass;
  int recvbuf_size;
  int sendbuf_size;
  int disable_nagle;
  char *event_loop;

To use this struct, include the file netlistener.h.

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