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This struct is defined as follows:

struct _abstract_message
  message_id id;                    /* Unique identifier for this message */
  u_int8_t type:4;                  /* EM_SHORT_MESSAGE, EM_EMAIL_MESSAGE */
  u_int8_t version:4;
  /* This stuff changes on ever delivery attempt */
  u_int32_t num_retries;            /* The number of delivery retries */
  struct timeval creation_time;     /* Time when the message entered ec */
  struct timeval next_attempt;      /* Transient... time of next attempt */
  struct timeval final_time;        /* Time of delivery */
  u_int16_t code_len;               /* number of bytes in the "code" */
  u_int8_t swapped:3;               /* SPOOL_MEM, SPOOL_SWAP, SPOOL_DISK */
  u_int8_t body_type:5;             /* BT_MMAP */
  u_int8_t stage:4;
  u_int8_t reserved:3;
  u_int8_t priority:1;
  u_int8_t delivered:2;             /* EM_TRYING, EM_SUCCEEDED, EM_FAILED */
  u_int8_t delivered_class:6;       /* see delivery_types.h */

To use this struct, include the file message_compat.h.

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