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Scriptlet (and Alerting) Functions

Last updated March 2020

ec_alerting_inc_countIncrement a counter for an arbitrary key for a given binding/domain
scpt_autoload_nsWire up autoload items, just in time
scpt_compile_calloutCompile and register a scriptlet entrypoint
scpt_compile_hook_calloutCompile and register a scriptlet hook implementation entrypoint
scpt_execute_or_resumeExecute or resume execution of a thread
scpt_ffi_cif_allocAllocate an ffi_cif via the cache
scpt_ffi_closure_allocallocates an ffi_closure via the cache
scpt_get_bagReturns the environmental "bag" associated with the current callout
scpt_get_tracebackPopulate the top of the scriptlet stack with a traceback of the current excution stack
scpt_getspecificFetch previously associated pointer value
scpt_parse_paramsParse scriptlet function parameters
scpt_push_doublepushes a double on to the stack
scpt_push_integerPush an integer on to the stack
scpt_push_objectBox a C structure to pass into a scriptlet routine
scpt_push_object2Box a C structure to pass into a scriptlet routine
scpt_push_object_and_allocateAllocate room to hold a boxed C structure of a particular type
scpt_push_object_and_allocate2Allocate room to hold a boxed C structure of a particular type
scpt_push_object_by_typenamebox a C structure to pass into a scriptlet routine
scpt_push_refPush a reference onto the stack
scpt_push_stringPush a string onto the stack
scpt_raise_errortriggers an "exception" in the scriptlet runtime
scpt_register_autoloadregister a set of autoloadable items in a namespace
scpt_register_funcsregisters a set of functions in a namespace
scpt_register_objtypeRegister an object type with the scriptlet runtime
scpt_register_objtype_augmentationManually augment a set of methods for an objtype
scpt_run_calloutExecute or resume execution of a scriptlet callout
scpt_set_output_stringSet the output string for a scriptlet thread
scpt_setspecificassociate an arbitrary pointer with an execution context
scpt_thread_closerelease a scriptlet execution context
scpt_thread_newcreate a new scriptlet execution context
scpt_unpin_refun-pin a reference

The APIs documented here relate to the scriptlet module and the alerting module.

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