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ec_generate_rfc3464_delivery_statusrenders an RFC3464 report block into the provided string
ec_generate_rfc3464_delivery_status2renders an RFC3464 report block into the provided string
ec_generate_rfc3464_messagecreates an RFC 3464 MDN as an ec_message
ec_generate_rfc3464_notificationcreates an RFC 3464 MDN and enqueues
ec_parse_rfc3464_delivery_statusParses an rfc3464 dsn into its attributes, recorded into a ECDict
ec_rfc822_dateRenders a timeval into a buffer per RFC822
rfc2047_utf8_decodeDecode rfc2047 encoding, returning a string that is utf-8 encoded
rfc2047_utf8_decode_to_stringdecodes MIME header encoding and stores the decoded result to a string
rfc2047_utf8_encode_to_stringApplies MIME header encoding and stores the encoded result to a string
rfc2821_address_destroyDestroy an rfc2821 address
rfc2821_address_parseParse an rfc2821 address
rfc2822_address_destroyDestroy an rfc2822 address
rfc2822_address_parseParse an rfc2822 address
rfc2822_clone_headersClones the headers portion of an rfc2822 context
rfc2822_find_first_headerReturn the first header with the specified name
rfc2822_find_next_headerReturn the next header
rfc2822_free_contextFrees a cloned set of headers
rfc2822_free_headerFree the specified header
rfc2822_header_append_lineAppend a line to a header
rfc2822_header_stringwriteRenders the rfc2822 header to a string as it will be sent over the network
rfc2822_header_stringwrite_exRenders the rfc2822 header to a string, with formatting options
rfc2822_new_headerCreate a new header
rfc2822_new_headerfCreate a new header using a format specifier
rfc2822_parse_rfc2045_parameters_strParse out the RFC2045 parameters of a header value string into a dictionary
rfc2822_prepend_headerPrepend headers
rfc2822_remove_headerCreate a new header
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