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apn_status_classifierDetermine the meaning of the delivery status code
ec_converter_closecloses a converter
ec_converter_convertConvert a chunk of data
ec_converter_openopen a converter
ec_if_listRetrieve a list of interfaces
ec_md_enabledDetermines if hand-tuned assembly optimizations are turned on
ec_md_probeThe probe routine must be implemented by any supported architecture
ec_messagescope_queryQuery for reputation record
gcm_classify_errorDetermine the meaning of the delivery status code
gcm_get_result_error_codeGet the error code from the response results error
if_arp_cacheReturn the ARP cache
"msc_thread_idGenerate a thread_id according the following format: [msg_id in spool name format]::[node name]:[suffix]"
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