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#include "hooks/core/generate_rfc3464_message.h"

| int generate_rfc3464_message ( | closure, | |   | message, | |   | action, | |   | mdn); |

void * closure; ec_message * message; dsn_actype action; ec_message ** mdn;

| int has_core_generate_rfc3464_message_hook ( ); |

| void register_core_generate_rfc3464_message_hook_first (hook, | |   | closure); |

ec_hook_core_generate_rfc3464_message_func_t hook; void *closure;

| void register_core_generate_rfc3464_message_hook_last (hook,| |   | closure</var>); |

ec_hook_core_generate_rfc3464_message_func_t hook; void *closure;

| int call_core_generate_rfc3464_message_hook (message,| |   | action, | |   | mdn); |

ec_message * message; dsn_actype action; ec_message ** mdn;


This hook allows the normal mailer delivery notification (a.k.a. bounce) message to be customized. The subject email is passed as parameter message and the registered function may choose to construct and return a valid ec_message structure containing the desired attributes and body by reference. If a true value is returned, the bounce message set by reference will be used. If that message is NULL, then no bounce will be generated.

Constructing an entire ec_message can be overly complicated if the goal is only a replacement of the preamble of the message. Preamble replacement can be accomplished via the generate_rfc3464_message_preamble hook.

Implementing this hook in C will cause the first argument to be void * closure. Implementing this hook in Lua is different and the closure argument will not be passed. Instead the first argument is ec_message * message.

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