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addAdd disclaimer to a message
ec_async_failFails a message and removes it from the system
ec_message_addrefCreate a reference to an existing message
ec_message_assemble_to_legacy_email_messageglue the parts back together into an in-memory email_message
ec_message_assign_domainModify the domain record of an ec_message
ec_message_assign_domain_by_nameAssign the domain field of an ec_message based on the domain name string passed in as an argument
ec_message_body_in_coreChecks (or arranges) for the message body to be paged in-core
ec_message_builderConvenience routine for building messages in a blocking fashion
ec_message_change_binding_slotSet the binding for a message
ec_message_context_cleanCleans the appropriate per-message dictionary
ec_message_context_deleteDelete a key/value pair from the message context or connection context dictionary
ec_message_context_copyCopy a context variable from one ec_message to another
ec_message_context_discardDiscards the context dictionaries. They will be re-fetched on demand
ec_message_context_existsDetermines whether a provided key exists in the connection context or message context dictionary
ec_message_context_exists_and_getDetermines whether a dictionary key exists and, if so, supplies a reference to the value
ec_message_context_firstkeyReturns a pointer to the first key in the appropriate per-message dictionary, NULL if the dictionary is empty
ec_message_context_getReturns a pointer to the value of the key in the appropriate dictionary, otherwise it returns an empty string
ec_message_context_nextkeyReturns a pointer to the 'next' key in the appropriate per-message dictionary, NULL if there are no more keys
ec_message_context_setStore a key/value pair in the appropriate context dictionary
ec_message_context_sizeReturns the size of the appropriate per-message dictionary
ec_message_copyCreate a copy of an existing message
ec_message_cowrefCreate a copy-on-write reference to an existing message
ec_message_enqueueEnqueue a message
ec_message_extract_part_to_stringExtract a message part to a string, decoding transfer encoding
ec_message_extract_part_to_string2Extract a message part to a string, decoding transfer encoding
ec_message_freeRelease resources held by this message
ec_message_get_body_fd_for_mmapRequests the file descriptor from the IO layer for the purpose of memory mapping
ec_message_get_body_io_objectRequests an io_object from the IO layer
ec_message_get_codeFetches the code set for the message
ec_message_get_delivery_methodRetrieve the delivery method of a message
ec_message_get_envelopeReturns information from the envelope of the message
ec_message_get_envelope2Return information from the envelope of the message
ec_message_get_first_partReturns the top level mime part of the message
ec_message_get_headersReturns an rfc2822_context struct which stores the headers for the message part
ec_message_get_mailfromReturns the entire protocol-decorated mailfrom string
ec_message_get_message_memoryReturns a pointer to the message memory
ec_message_get_message_sizeReturns the message size, in bytes
ec_message_get_pathwayGet the pathway of a message
ec_message_get_rcpttoreturns the entire protocol-decorated rcptto string
ec_message_get_routing_domainGet the routing domain of the message
ec_message_get_routing_domain2Get the routing domain of the message
ec_message_is_largeIndicates if a message is large
ec_message_is_mcmtreturns 1 if the message is a MCMT container
ec_message_lockPerform a mutex lock operation
ec_message_mcmt_fixupThis function is to be called by a listener when an injected message is a MCMT container (i.e
ec_message_newCreate a new message
ec_message_parser_defaultsObtain message parsing/validation defaults
ec_message_parser_defaults2Obtain message parsing/validation defaults
ec_message_parser_strerrorReturns a string representation of a message parsing error code
ec_message_part_add_child_firstAdd part as the first child of another part
ec_message_part_add_child_lastAdd part as the last child of another part
ec_message_part_copy_to_io_objectRender/Copy a message part to an io_object
ec_message_part_create_multipartCreate a new multipart container part
ec_message_part_create_singletonCreate a new singleton message part
ec_message_part_extractPrepare to extract a message part in a streaming fashion
ec_message_part_extract2Prepare to extract a message part in a streaming fashion
ec_message_part_get_content_typeReturns the content type and charset for a given part
ec_message_part_get_content_type2Returns the content type and charset for a given part using strings
ec_message_part_get_content_type3Returns the content type and charset for a given part
ec_message_part_insert_afterInsert a part after another part
ec_message_part_insert_beforeInsert a part ahead of another part
ec_message_part_touchFlags a message part as having been modified
ec_message_part_unlinkUnlink part from the mime tree
ec_message_refetch_metarefetch extended meta information from the spool
ec_message_register_parserReplaces the core message parser
ec_message_release_body_io_objectReleases the body io_object
ec_message_render_headers_to_stringRenders the headers of the first part of a message to a string
ec_message_render_meta_to_stringRenders meta information about the message to a string
ec_message_render_part_headers_to_stringRender the headers of a message part to a string
ec_message_render_part_to_stringRender a message part to a string
ec_message_render_to_stringRenders a message, swapping it in if needed
ec_message_rsrc_copyDuplicate resource identifiers from source into destination
ec_message_rsrc_createThis creates an empty container for a resource identified with name
ec_message_rsrc_destroyRemoves the resource with the given name from the message in-memory resource list and then passes the resource to ec_message_rsrc_free
ec_message_rsrc_flushExplicitly flush the resource name to its relevant backing store
ec_message_rsrc_freeAllows the underlying operating system to reclaim memory and objects associated with the given resource
ec_message_rsrc_getThis will return the I/O object associated with the resource name as well as the state
ec_message_rsrc_removeThis will set the resource name in message to state EC_MESSAGE_RSRC_DELETED
ec_message_rsrc_setThis function associates I/O object source with the resource name for message
ec_message_rsrc_stateThis will return a state hint of a given resource
ec_message_rsrc_stringReturns a string representation of the resources associated with the message
ec_message_select_binding_by_groupSelect a binding from a binding group
ec_message_separateSeparate references to an existing message
ec_message_set__objectset the _object for a message, maintaining appropriate accounting
ec_message_set_codeSet the message delivery code meta information
ec_message_set_envelopeSets envelope information for the message
ec_message_set_first_partAccessor function for changing the top level mime part for a message
ec_message_set_mailfromsets the entire protocol decorated mailfrom string
ec_message_set_next_attemptDetermines and sets the next attempt time for the message
ec_message_set_parser_defaultsSet message parsing/validation defaults
ec_message_set_rcpttosets the entire protocol decorated rcptto string
ec_message_should_reduce_resourcesDetermines whether or not a message should be removed from memory
ec_message_snapshotCreate a snapshot of an existing message
ec_message_swap_incauses the message content to be read in from disk
ec_message_swap_outcause a message to be written to disk
ec_message_swap_out_metaWrite message meta data to disk
ec_message_unlink_on_freeMarks the message as to be removed from disk when the last reference is dropped
ec_message_unlockPerform a message unlock operation
ec_retry_state_delrefRemoves a reference from a retry state, and destroys it if no more exist
ec_retry_state_getRetrieves or allocates a retry state associated with the given binding and domain
ec_retry_state_nextReturn next offset associated with a retry state distribution, bounded to ceiling
ec_retry_state_resetResets a retry state
ob_get_current_messageUtility function to return the current ec_message

The ec_message data structure is documented at “ec_message”.

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