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Configuration Functions I (binding/domain)

Last updated March 2020

config_get_binding_domain_drop_body_after_trans_failDetermine the value of the drop_body_after_trans_fail option
config_get_binding_domain_max_resident_active_queue_sizeReturn the value of the max_resident_active_queue_size option
config_get_binding_domain_max_retriesReturn the value of the max_retries option
config_get_binding_domain_message_expirationReturn the value of the message_expiration option
config_get_binding_domain_retry_intervalReturn the value of the max_retry_interval option
config_get_binding_domain_tls_caDetermine the value of the tls_ca option
config_get_binding_domain_tls_certGet TLS certification data
config_get_binding_domain_tls_ciphersDetermine the value of the tls_ciphers option
config_get_binding_domain_tls_keyDetermine the value of the tls_key option
config_get_binding_domain_tls_verifyDetermine the value of the tls_verify option
config_get_binding_domain_use_tlsDetermine the value of the tls option

These functions relate to obtaining the value of various Momentum configuration options. See Options Summary for documentation of Momentum configuration options. See also “Configuration API” and Configuration Scopes and Fallback.

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