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sieve_arg_as_numberGet the specified argument(s) as a number
sieve_arg_as_numericObtain a numeric Sieve argument from either a string or a number representation
sieve_arg_as_stringGet the specified argument as a string
sieve_arg_delrefRemove a reference to a Sieve argument
sieve_charset_converter_buffer_stringperform character encoding conversion
sieve_charset_converter_string_stringperform character encoding conversion
sieve_compare_compilepre-compile matching state for a sieve comparator
sieve_compare_operandsexecute a sieve comparator match
sieve_create_hashCreate a Sieve hash
sieve_create_numberCreate a Sieve number
sieve_create_stringCreate a Sieve string
sieve_create_string_listCreate a Sieve string list
sieve_delrefDelete a reference to a compiled Sieve script
sieve_errorCreate a Sieve error message
sieve_executePrepare and execute a sieve script
sieve_free_sengFree a prepared sieve engine context
sieve_get_accept_constructGet an accept_construct from the Sieve engine
sieve_get_argGet the argument at the specified index
sieve_get_arg_as_numericobtain a numeric sieve argument from either a string or a number representation
sieve_get_arg_as_stringReturn the specified argument as a string
sieve_get_arg_linenoGet the current line number
sieve_get_arg_typeReturn the type of the specified Sieve argument
sieve_get_bagGet the bag associated with the Sieve engine
sieve_get_ec_messageGet the message associated with the Sieve engine
sieve_get_hash_itemGet the specified hash item
sieve_get_module_stateGet the current module state
sieve_get_num_argsReturn the number of Sieve arguments
sieve_get_type_of_argReturn the type of a Sieve argument
sieve_get_validation_contextGet the validation_context
sieve_hard_errorReport an error in a Sieve extension
sieve_hash_first_itemGet the first item from a hash table and add a reference to it
sieve_hash_next_itemGet the next item from a hash argument and add a reference to it
sieve_inc_counterIncrement the specified counter
sieve_next_string_argReturn the next string argument
sieve_parse_argsParses arguments for a Sieve extension
sieve_parse_fileParse/compile a Sieve script from a file
sieve_parse_textparse/compile a sieve script from a memory buffer
sieve_register_actionRegister a sieve action
sieve_register_extensionRegister a Sieve extension
sieve_register_testRegister a sieve test
sieve_resumeResume the current Sieve action
sieve_return_value_append_stringAppend a string to the return value
sieve_return_value_hashSet the return value to a hash
sieve_return_value_numberSet the return value to a number
sieve_return_value_stringSet the return value to a string
sieve_return_value_string_listSet the return value to a string list
sieve_seng_executeExecute a prepared sieve script
sieve_seng_get_can_go_asyncDetermine whether or not the Sieve engine can run asynchronously
sieve_seng_prepareprepare to execute a sieve script
sieve_seng_prepare2Prepare to execute a Sieve script
sieve_seng_prepare3prepare to execute a sieve script
sieve_seng_set_can_go_asyncDefine whether or not the Sieve engine can run asynchronously
sieve_set_error_modeSet the error mode of the Sieve engine
sieve_set_hash_itemSet the specified hash item
sieve_set_module_stateSet the current module state
sieve_set_operation_completeSet the action of the Sieve engine upon completion
sieve_set_responseSet an SMTP response
sieve_set_test_return_valueSet a test result return value
sieve_string_list_appendAppend a value to a string list
sieve_suspendSuspend the current Sieve action

The APIs documented here relate to the sieve module.

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